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Tha e, tha i, adjectives

June 7, 2010

A few adjectives to add to I am…

Don’t forget to roll your R’s.

  • Tha mi trang.  (ha me trahng) I am busy.
  • Tha mi àrd.  (ha me ahrd.) I am tall.
  • Tha mi leisg.  (ha me layshk) I am lazy.
  • Tha mi toilichte. (ha me TAWlichtuh.)  I am happy.  (Note that the ch in this word is much like the German ch in ich.)
  • Tha mi beag.  (ha me bay-ik)  I am small.
  • Tha mi sgìth.  (ha me ski).  I am tired.

Practice these same adjectives using tha i (tha ee) she is, and tha e (tha eh) he is.

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