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I want…

June 8, 2010

Don’t forget to roll your R’s on the pronunciation. 

  • Tha mi ag iarraidh… (ha me a geer-ee)  I want, or literally, I am wanting.
  • Tha i ag iarraidh… (ha ee a geer-ee)  She wants…
  • Tha e ag iarraidh… (ha eh a geer-ee) He wants…
  • Tha thu ag iarraidh… (ha oo a geer-ee)  You want… (familiar)
  • Tha sibh ag iarraidh…(ha sheev a geer-ee)  You want… (formal)
  • Tha sinn ag iarraidh… (ha sheen a geer-ee)  We want…

Now mix and match with a few things you might want.

  • Tha i ag iarraidh caise.  (ha ee a geer-ee cah-shuh.)  She wants cheese.
  • Tha e ag iarraidh aran.  (ha eh a geer-ee ah-run.)  He wants bread.
  • Tha sibh ag iarraidh ubhal.  (ha sheev a geer-ee oo-vul.)  You want an apple.
  • Tha sinn ag iarraidh brot. (ha sheen a geer-ee brote) [long o] We want soup.
  • Tha thu ag iarraidh iasg.  (ha oo a geer-ee ee-usk.)  You want fish.

Notice there is no word in Gaelic for ‘an.’  To want ‘an’ apple, you simple ‘want apple.’

Be sure to review yesterday’s words, using today’s new words.  Try these, and also, mix and match on your own:

  • Tha thu beag.  You are small.
  • Tha sinn trang.  We are busy.
  • Tha e àrd.  He is tall.
  • Tha i leisg.  She is lazy.
  • Tha sibh toilichte.  You are happy.
  • Tha sinn sgìth.  We are tired.

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