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I want…with adjectives

June 9, 2010

In Gaelic, adjectives come after the noun.  Add these adjectives to the nouns you learned yesterday.  Please realize pronunciations are sometimes impossible to show perfectly in writing, vowels in particular. 

Notice some adjectives have an h inserted after the initial vowel.  This is called lenition.  It happens to adjectives which follow feminine nouns, in this case, ubhal (apple).  Notice the change in pronunciation.

  • Tha mi ag iarraidh caise dearg.  (ha me a geer-ee cah-shuh jayrik) I want red cheese.
  • Tha thu ag iarraidh brot teth.  (ha oo a geer-ee brote cheh) You want hot soup.
  • Tha sinn ag iarraidh aran donn.  (tha sheen a geer-ee ah-run donn)  We want brown bread.
  • Tha i ag iarraidh iasg blasta.  (ha ee a geer-ee ee-usk blahsta) She wants tasty fish.
  • Tha e ag iarraidh ubhal bheag.  (ha eh a geer-ee oo-vul vay-ik) He wants a small apple.


  • Tha sinn ag iarraidh aran teth.  We want hot bread.
  • Tha e ag iarraidh ubhal dhearg.  (ha ee a geer-ee oo-vul yayrik)  He wants a red apple.
  • Tha i ag iarraidh brot blasta.  She wants tasty soup.
  • Tha thu ag iarraidh iasg beag.  You want a small fish.
  • Tha mi ag iarraidh caise donn.  I want brown cheese.  (Is there such a thing?  I don’t know.)

How about:

  • Tha e ag iarraidh ubhal bhlasta.  (ha ee a geer-ee oo-vul vlahsta) He wants a tasty apple.
  • Tha mi ag iarraidh iasg teth.  I want hot fish.
  • Tha sinn ag iarraidh brot  dearg.   We want red soup.
  • Tha thu ag iarraidh caise beag.  I want a little cheese.
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  1. January 8, 2013 7:33 pm

    Yes there is a brown cheese …sort of
    Spanish cave cheese. Kinda strong and weird. Had it for our new years cheese fest. Brown and bumpy on the outside beige on the inside.
    Going back through these beginning pages for a review


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