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I eat…

June 11, 2010
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Tha mi ag ithe.  (tha me a gee-chuh)  I eat.  Note that the ch represents the sound much like the German ich made far back in the throat.  For pronunciations, see I want…with adjectives.

  • Tha mi ag ithe caise dearg.  I eat red cheese.
  • Tha thu ag ithe brot teth.  You eat hot soup.
  • Tha sinn ag ithe aran donn.  We eat brown bread.
  • Tha i ag ithe iasg blasta.  She eats tasty fish.
  • Tha e ag ithe ubhal bheag.  He eats a small apple.


  • Tha sinn ag ithe aran teth.  We eat hot bread.
  • Tha e ag ithe ubhal dhearg.  He eats a red apple.
  • Tha i ag ithe brot blasta.  She eats tasty soup.
  • Tha thu ag ithe iasg beag.  You eat a small fish.
  • Tha mi ag ithe caise donn.  I eat brown cheese. 

How about:

  • Tha e ag ithe ubhal bhlasta.  He eats a tasty apple.
  • Tha mi ag ithe iasg teth.  I eat hot fish.
  • Tha sinn ag ithe brot  dearg.   We eat red soup.
  • Tha thu ag ithe caise beag.  I eat a little cheese.

A couple of new words: ugh, iad.

  • Tha mi ag ithe ugh.  (tha me a geek-chuh oo) I eat an egg. 
  • Tha i ag ithe ugh.  (tha ee a geek-chuh oo) She eats an egg. 
  • Tha iad ag ithe ugh.  (tha ee-it a geek-chuh oo) They eat an egg. 

Today’s listening resource:

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