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I am going to the….

January 14, 2011

  Cait a bheil sibh a’ dol? (Cahch uh veil sheev uh dole?)  Where are you going?

  • Tha mi a’ dol dhan oifis. (Ha mee uh dole gahn awfeesh) I am going to the office.
  • Tha mi a’ dol dhan taigh-osda. (Ha mee uh dole gahn tie-AWStuh) I am going to the hotel.
  • Tha mi a’ dol dhan ospadal. (Ha mee uh dole gahn AWSpuhdawl) I am going to the hospital.
  • Tha mi a’ dol dhan taigh-bidh. (Ha mee uh dole gahn tie-bee) I am going to the restaurant.
  • Tha mi a’ dol dhan talla. (Ha mee uh dole gahn tahla.) I am going to the hall.

Dhan–to the.

Okay, so this is five words, not  ‘a word.’  But oifis and ospadal sound very like their English equivalents, office and hospital.  Taigh-osda and taigh-bidh both start with taigh, the word for house.  Bidh is food, so taigh-bidh is essentially a house of food.  Talla rhymes (almost) with hall.  Think of a tall hall.

Try the sentence using any of the places you are going, even if you have to name them in English.  You’ll still be using the sentence. 

Try using the new words with the previous verbs:

  • Tha mi a’ faicinn taigh-osda.  I see (a) hotel.
  • Tha mi ag iarriadh taigh-osda.  I want (a) hotel.
  • ‘S toil leum taigh-osda.  I like (a) hotel.

Scottish Gaelic has no indefinite article.  There is no ‘a’ or ‘an.’

Dhan–to the

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