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Using WAS to Review

January 20, 2011

Cait an robh sibh a’ dol? (Cahch ahn roh shieeve uh dole?) Where were you going?

  • An robh is the past tense of a bheil, were.

Bha mi a’ dol dhan… (Vah mee uh dole ghan…)  I was going to the…

Try bha with the previous verbs and previous places given:

  •  Bha mi a’ dol dhan…   I was going to the…
  • Bha mi a’ coisich dhan…    I was walking to the…
  • Bha mi a’ draibhadh dhan…   I was driving to the…

Try them with different pronouns:

  • Bha sinn a’ dol dhan…   We were going to the…
  • Bha e a’ coisich dhan…   He was going to the…
  • Bha iad a’ draibhadh dhan…    They were driving to the…

Today’s listening, Can Seo, episode 2, part 2.  There is an interesting section on this video about the regional differences in pronunciation.

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  1. Renea permalink
    January 22, 2011 10:03 pm

    Tapadh Leat! 🙂

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