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Cat, Dog, Cow, Duck, Bird

January 22, 2011

A few other things you could see, want, like, or, I suppose, eat.

  • cat (caht) cat
  • (koo) dog
  • (boh) cow
  • tunnag (TOO nuk) duck
  • eun (eh-uhn) bird

Using them with sentences you already learned:

  • Tha mi ag iarraidh cat. (Ha mee uh GEER-ee caht.)  I want a cat.*
  • Tha mi a’ faicinn cù.  (Ha mee uh FIE-kinn koo.)  I see a dog.
  • Tha mi ag ithe tunnag.  (Ha mee uh GEE-kuh TOO nuk).  I eat duck.
  • ‘S toigh leum eun.  (Stull um eh-uhn.)  I like a bird.
  • Tha mi a’ dol dhan bhò. (Ha mee uh dole ghan voe.)  I am going to the cow.  **

* Remember, Gaelic has no indefinite article.  Cat means either cat or a cat.

** All words beginning with b, c, f, g, m, or p lenite after dhan.

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