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January 23, 2011

Review of verbs so far:

  • tha, bha (ha, vah) am/is, was/were
  • Tha mi ag iarriadh I want (I am wanting)
  • Tha mi a’ faicinn  I see (I am seeing)
  • Tha mi ag ithe I eat (I am eating)
  • ‘S toil leum  I like…
  • Tha mi a’ dol  I go (I am going)
  • Tha mi a’ coisich  I walk (I am walking)
  • Tha mi a’ draibhadh  I drive (I am driving)

A few more things you or he or she or they or we or the cat or duck could see or like:

  • Tha mi a’ faicinn taigh.  (Ha mee uh FIE-kinn tie.) I see a house.
  • Tha cat a’ faicinn càr.  (Ha caht  uh FIE-kinn cahr.) A cat sees a car.
  • Tha e a’ faicinn cathair.  (Ha eh uh FIE-kinn CAH-hair.) He sees a chair.
  • Tha thu a’ faicinn leabhar.  (Ha mee uh FIE-kinn LOO-er.) You see a book.

Go back to previous lessons and try using other nouns with the verbs.

And with ‘like’

  •  ‘S toil leam taigh.  (Stull um tie.)  I like a house.
  • ‘S toil leum càr.  (Stull um cahr.)  I like a car.
  • ‘S toil leum cathair.  (Stull um CAH-hair.)  I like a chair.
  • ‘S toil leum leabhar.  (Stull um LOO-air.)  I like a book.

Review of Adjectives

  • Tha mi trang.  (ha me trahng) I am busy.
  • Tha mi àrd.  (ha me ahrd.) I am tall.
  • Tha mi leisg.  (ha me layshk) I am lazy.
  • Tha mi toilichte. (ha me TAW-licht-uh.)  I am happy. 
  • Tha mi beag.  (ha me bay-ik)  I am small.
  • Tha mi sgìth (ha me ski) I am tired.

Today’s Listening: Can Seo Episode 3 Part 1.

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