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Can You Say Amalgamated Pronouns! (Aig)

January 26, 2011

In the last post, I used agam (aig + mi = agam) to show possession.

Aig shows posession:

  • Tha ubhal aig Mairi.  (Ha oo-ul aik Mahri.)  An apple is at Mairi, ie, Mairi has an apple.
  • Tha iasg aig fear. (Ha ee-esk aik feer.)  A fish is at a man, ie, A man has a fish.
  • Tha caise aig boireannach.  (Ha CAH-shuh aik BOOR-uh-nach).  A cheese is at a woman, ie, A woman has cheese.

Remember the noun itself means either “noun” or “a noun” ie, caise means a cheese or, simply, cheese.

And how about those amalgamated prepositions.  What if you want to say he, she, it, they, or we have something.  We’ll start with three, using nouns used much earlier to review.  Use Dwelly to look up more nouns, if you like.

  • Tha aran agad.  (Ha AH-run AH-kut.)  Bread is at you, ie, You have bread.
  • Tha brot aige.  (Ha broht AIK-eh.)  Soup is at him, ie, He has soup
  • Tha ugh aice.  (Ha oo AIK-eh).  An egg is at her, ie, She has an egg.

The difference in pronunciation between aige (at him) and aice (at her) is very slight and hard to capture in writing.  This is where listening is so important.  And remember, there are regional differences, too.

Today’s Listening, Can Seo, Episode 3, Part 2.  Hope you like singing!

Just found the site?  Jump to Lesson One.

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