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The Fun Never Ends with Amalgamated Pronouns (Aig)

January 27, 2011

Amalgamated pronouns started in the previous lesson and with I have….  They are prepositions combined with pronouns to form one new word.  Today’s lesson finishes aig + pronouns.

  • Tha càr againn.  (Ha cahr AHkeen.)  A car is at us.  Or, we have a car.
  • Tha tunnag agaibh.  (Ha TOONuk AHKiv.)  A duck is at you (plural and polite you).  Or, you have a duck.
  • Tha eun aca.  (Ha EH-un AHkuh.)  A bird is at them.  Or, they have a bird.

A few new things you could have:

  • Tha caora againn.  (Ha CUURuh AHkeen.)  We have sheep.
  • Tha muc agaibh.  (Ha mook AHKiv.)  You (plural and polite) have a pig.
  • Tha luch aca.  (Ha luch AHkuh.)  They have a mouse.

CH is pronounced back in the throat much like the German ich.

Today’s Listening, Can Seo, episode 4, part 1.

Just found the site?  Start with Lesson One.

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