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Aig with New Vocabulary: Clothing

January 28, 2011

Some clothes you might have.  For newcomers, tha (noun) agam actually means Is (noun) at me, the Gaelic expression for “I have (noun).”

  • Tha lèine agam.  (Ha LAYnuh AHKum.)  I have a shirt.
  • Tha pants agad.  (Ha pahnts AHKut.)  You have pants. 
  • Tha drathais againne.  (Ha DRAH-esh AHKeen.)  We have pants.
  • Tha briogais agaibh.  (Ha BRIHkish AHKiv.)  You (plural or formal) have trousers.
  • Tha briogais ghoirid aca.  (Ha BRIHkish GHOORidj AHkuh.)  They have shorts.

Try each of these with bha (vah) was:

  • Bha lèine agam.  (Vah LAYnuh AHKum.)  I had a shirt.
  • Bha pants agad.  (Vah pahnts AHKut.)  You had pants.  (Dare I ask where they are now?)
  • Bha drathais againne.  (Vah DRAH-esh AHKeen.)  We had pants.
  • Bha briogais agaibh.  (Vah BRIHkish AHKiv.)  You (plural or formal) had trousers.
  • Bha briogais ghoirid aca.  (Vah BRIHkish GHOORidj AHkuh.)  They had shorts.

Don’t forget to go back to previous lessons and use previous words with the new sentences.

Today’s Listening, Can Seo, Episode 4, Part 2:

New here?  Jump to Lesson One.

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