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Last Post on Dhan + Lenition

February 4, 2011


  • If the noun following dhan starts with b, c, f, g, m, or p, it is lenited.
  • When P lenites to PH, it is pronounced F:

    • Tha sinn a’ dol dhan phairc. (pairc—park) FAIRC
    • Tha sinn a’ dol dhan phartaidh. (partaidh—party) FAR-tee
    • Tha sinn a’ dol dhan phort-adhair. (port-adhair—airport) FORT-AGeer

    Use these new words with the previous verbs and pronouns:


    • mi, e, i, sinn, iad, thu, sibh


    • Tha mi a’ coisich dhan…  I walk to the…  (I am walking)
    • Tha mi a’ draibhadh dhan  I drive to the…   (I am driving)


    • If you want to say I am going to…. (without ‘the’), the word is a.  Tha mi a’ dol a….

    Today’s Listening: Can Seo, Episode 6, Part 2:

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