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What Don’t You Like?

March 17, 2011

Use the new negative, cha, with some of the early nouns you learned:

  • Cha toigh leam caise.  (cha toe lum cah-shuh.)  I don’t like cheese.
  • Cha toigh leam aran.  (cha toe lum ah-run.)  I don’t like bread.
  • Cha toigh leam ubhal.  (cha toe lum oo-vul.)  I don’t like an apple.
  • Cha toigh leam brot. (cha toe lum brote) [long o] I like want soup.
  • Cha toigh leam iasg.  (cha toe lum ee-usk.)  I don’t like fish.

And reviewing the same words with adjectives, remembering the adjective comes after the noun in Scottish Gaelic:

  • Cha toigh leum caise dearg.  I don’t  like red cheese.
  • Cha toigh leum brot teth.  I don’t like hot soup.
  • Cha toigh leum aran donn.  I don’t like brown bread.
  • Cha toigh leum iasg blasta.  I don’t like tasty fish.
  • Cha toigh leum ubhal bheag.  I don’t like a small apple.
  • Today’s Listening, Robert MacDonald’s Lesson Three:

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    1. Renea permalink
      March 21, 2011 8:09 pm

      I need to work on my numbers.
      when are numbers alone and when do they have a in front?

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