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Busy Days for All

April 5, 2011

Today, a few more verbs, all consonants, and you know what that means….(drum roll)…YES!  Use a’ before the verb!  (Hey, I’m doing my best to make grammar exciting.)  Ag is for verbs starting with vowels. 

Try these sentences with all the pronouns you’ve learned:

  • thu you informal
  •  sibh you formal or plural
  • iad they
  • sinn we
  • mi I
  • i she
  • e he

Try them with chan eil, the great negator, in front of them.  (I’ll give some examples.) 

  • Tha sibh a’ briseadh…  (Ha sheev uh BRISH-ugh…) You (formal or plural) are breaking…
  • Tha sibh a’ dùnadh….  (Ha sheev uh DOON-ugh….) You (formal or plural) are closing….
  • Tha sibh a’ freagairt…. (Ha sheev uh FRAY-gairtch…) You (formal or plural) are answering….
  • Tha sibh a’ gabhail…. (Ha sheev uh GAH-uhl….) You (formal or plural) are taking….
  • Tha sibh a’ pòsadh. (Ha sheev uh PAWS-ugh.) You (formal or plural) are marrying.

With the negator, chan eil:

  • Chan eil i a’ briseadh…  (CHAHN eel ee uh BRISH-ugh…) She is not breaking…
  • Chan eil i a’ dùnadh….  (CHAHN eel ee uh DOON-ugh….) She is not closing….
  • Chan eil i a’ freagairt…. (CHAHN eel ee uh FRAY-gairtch…) She is not answering….
  • Chan eil i a’ gabhail…. (CHAHN eel ee uh GAH-uhl….) She is not taking….
  • Chan eil i a’ pòsadh. (CHAHN eel ee uh PAWS-ugh.) She is not marrying.

Choose a previous lesson and review the listening. 

Tomorrow, the question form of tha, with old and new verbs in the ing form.

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