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Questions, Questions

April 6, 2011

And something new, the question form of tha with yesterday’s verbs:

  • A bheil sinn a’ briseadh…?  (Uh vale sheen uh BRISH-ugh…?) Are we breaking…?
  • A bheil sinn a’ dùnadh….?  (Uh vale sheen uh DOON-ugh….?) Are we closing….?
  • A bheil sinn a’ freagairt….? (Uh vale sheen uh FRAY-gairtch…?) Are we answering….?
  • A bheil sinn a’ gabhail….? (Uh vale sheen uh GAH-uhl….?) Are we taking….?
  • A bheil sinn a’ pòsadh?  (Uh vale sheen uh PAWS-ugh.) Are we marrying?  (You’d think you’d be more sure of a thing like this!)
  • A quick review of the forms of tha:

    • tha     is/ are
    • chan eil     is not/ are not
    • a bheil     is/ are….?

    Three new verbs with a bheil:

    • A bheil iad a’ cluich?  (Uh vale EE-id uh CLOO-ich?)  Are they playing?
    • A bheil iad a’ fuireach?  (Uh vale EE-id uh FOOR-ich?)  Are they staying?
    • A bheil iad a’  deàrrsadh?  (Uh vale EE-id uh JAARS-ugh?)  Are they shining?
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    1. Renea permalink
      April 6, 2011 4:15 pm

      Bò Naomh! I have been reviewing…looking back over my notebook…how can I forget some of this…… You are right…….ceart gu leor……. one can never have too much review


      • April 6, 2011 5:38 pm

        Yes, review, review, review! My frustration in learning new languages is the difficulty of using them regularly.

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