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Cia Mheud? (How Many?)

April 19, 2011

Cia mheud?   (KEE-uh voot?)  How many?

* A reminder that trying to give pronunciations in print is often a rough approximation.  The oo in the pronunciation above is more of the French sound or German umlaut sound, with more rounded lips than American English speakers would use.  Make sure that even on the days I don’t post listening, you’re reviewing previous listening to get a feel for the sounds of the language.

Aon (oon) one lenites the following noun for all possible consonants…except for d, t, and s.  Yes, today is yesterday’s a-màireach and that means I must deal with lenition. 

*Remember, letters that cannot be lenited are l, n, and r.  And s, except when followed by l, n, r, or a vowel.  Easy, right!?  On to aon, using nouns we’ve seen before.  (Review is our friend!)

Re-read the above two paragraphs so you are sure which letters are not lenited with aon.  (l, n, r, d, t, s, vowels)

  • aon taigh house
  • aon ubhal apple
  • aon aran bread
  • aon iasg fish
  • aon ugh egg
  • aon talla hall
  • aon oifis office
  • aon taigh-bidh restaurant
  • aon taigh-osda hotel
  • aon taisbeanadh exhibition
  • aon tràigh beach
  • aon sgoil school
  • aon eaglais church
  • aon long ship
  • aon toll hole
  • aon tunnag duck
  • aon eun bird
  • aon leabhar book
  • aon luch mouse
  • aon lèine shirt
  • aon drathais pants (can you have just one pants?)
  • aon leabaidh bed
  • aon truinnsear plate
  • aon spàin spoon
  • aon sgian knife


  • aon bhlar battle
  • aon bhòrd table
  • aon mhuc pig
  • aon chaora sheep
  • aon chat cat
  • aon bhò cow
  • aon chù dog
  • aon bhalach boy
  • aon chaileag girl
  • aon ghille boy
  • aon mhios month
  • aon chaise cheese
  • aon bhrot soup
  • aon bhruach (river) bank
  • aon champa camp
  • aon chladach shore
  • aon fheis festival

Today’s Listening: a new Can Seo, episode 13, part 1.  It seems episodes 10, 11, and 12 are not available on youtube.

 Just found the site?  Start with Lesson One.

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  1. Renea permalink
    April 20, 2011 5:36 pm

    🙂 it took me probably 10 play backs to get what he was asking for after the cheese.
    Feòil fhuar cold meat.



    • April 21, 2011 2:37 pm

      🙂 Yes, I definitely have moments where I have to listen a few times! I like that they give both the pronunciation and words in writing as they introduce them. It really helps me to see them as well as hear.

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