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Plurals: eo to iui and o to ui

April 27, 2011

 We’re now up to the fifth and sixth ways that nouns become plural:

  • The eo becomes iui
  • The o becomes ui

Notice the similarities in these two methods. 


  • seòl, siùil (shawl, shyool)  sail, sails
  • toll, tuill  (taul, TOO-il) hole, holes

Take a minute to review the previous four methods of forming plurals.  Each noun uses its own method, and the best way to know is spending time with the language.

Review of the previous methods of creating plurals:

  • Substitute i for the last broad vowel (a, o, u) or for ea in the nominative singular.
    • each, eich 
    • fear, fir 
    • coibhneas, coibhneis   
    • ceann, cinn   
  • place i after the last broad vowel (a, o, or u)
    •  òran, òrain
  • add an (or ean if the last vowel is e or i)
    • torman, tormanan
    • tonn, tonnan
  • Change ia of the nominative singular to ei
    • fiadh, fèidh 
    • riadh, rèidh interest 
    • riasg, rèisg  
    • iasg, èisg   

Use these words in sentences with the verbs you’ve previously learned.

Counting in the teens:

  • add deug (jook): a h-aon deug, a dhà  dheug, a trì deug, a ceithir deug, a còig deug, a sia deug, a seachd deug, a h-ochd deug, a naoi deug
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  1. Renea permalink
    May 3, 2011 4:55 pm

    Mòran Taing! 🙂

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