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Always Gotta Be One….

May 3, 2011

Or a bunch, that don’t follow any rules.  After 8 ways that nouns may form plurals, we are left with a group of irregulars which follow no pattern at all.

  • cù/ coin  (koo, KOH-in) dog, dogs
  • dorus/ doruis or dorsan  (DOR-us, DOR-ish or DOR-sun) door, doors
  • bean/ mnathan  (BEE-in, MNAH-un) wife, wives
  • caora/ caoraich  (KOOR-uh, KOOR-eech) sheep, sheep

Take time today to look through the last few lessons and review the various methods used to create plurals.

Pop Quiz!

  • If you have a Gaelic dictionary, look through and find one or two examples of each.  (Some methods have very few examples.)
  •  Do you remember when to use and when to use dhà?
  • How do the numbers change in Gaelic depending whether you are counting or using them with a noun?
  • Use these new plurals in sentences.

Tomorrow: particulars on using ‘teens’ with nouns, and going into the twenties.

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