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Into the Twenties….

May 6, 2011

 a h-aon, a dhà, a trì, a ceithir, a còig, a sia, a seachd, a h-ochd, a naoi, a deich, a h-aon deug, a dhà  dheug, a trì deug, a ceithir deug, a còig deug, a sia deug, a seachd deug, a h-ochd deug, a naoi deug….

  • a fichead (ah FEE-chet)  twenty
  • a h-aon air fhichead  (ah hoon air EE-chet)  twenty-one
  • a dhà air fhichead
  • a tri air fhichead
  • a ceithir air fhichead
  • etc…

Notice that fichead lenites after air.  Also, the counting is the same as in German: one and twenty, two and twenty, etc.

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  1. Renea permalink
    May 8, 2011 10:52 pm

    I have a question…( as usual)

    Someone wants to write a paper dedicated “To Whiskey’ would they say
    Dhuibh Uisge-beatha or is there a different form of “to” that should be used and a different order?

    tapadh leat!

    • May 10, 2011 1:42 pm

      Hi, Renea, I’m seeing if I can find the answer to that. On this page I find an excerpt in which it is simply said: Do mo charaid Ruaridh Mac Leoid a sgriobh mi an leabhar so. (To my friend Ruaridh macLeodi I am writing this book…) The introduction at this page mentions that the author writes ‘with a slight admixture of Irish forms,’ so I’m guessing that the so at the end is the Irish for seo.

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