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What they all prefer!

August 6, 2012

Lots of review today!  Review is your friend!  That and the metronome. 

  • ‘S fheàrr leam a’ coisich.  (Shar loom uh KOH-shich) I prefer walking.
  • ‘S fheàrr leatha a’ draibhadh.  (Shar luh uh DRAH-vugh.)  She prefers driving.
  • ‘S fheàrr leis ag ithe. (Shar leesh u-GEEch-eh) He prefers eating.
  • ‘S fheàrr leinn ubhal uaine.   (Shar lenn OO-vul oo-AIN-uh) We prefer (a) green apple.
  • ‘S fheàrr leibh aran donn.   (Shar lev AHR-un DOHN) You prefer brown bread. (plural you and formal singular)
  • ‘S fheàrr leotha baic.   (Shar leaw-uh buy-ik) They prefer (a) bike.

Remember that adjectives come after the noun in Gaelic.  So in ubhal uaine, ubhal is apple and uaine is green.

Here’s another dictionary site I found today:

Feel free to use it to look up words and leave a comment telling the world what you prefer.

And just for fun, if you’d like to try making a meal from some recipes written in Gaelic!  Let us know how it turned out!


Aig Eileen Donan

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