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Sunny? Cool!

August 13, 2012

Note that weather is feminine, thus tha i fuar an-diugh, which, word for word means: is she cold today.

And a few more phrases you can use if it happens to be sunny where you are:

  • Tha i grianach an-dràsda.  (HAH ee GREE-uh-nach uhn-DRAHS-tuh)  It is sunny right now/ just now.
  • Tha i grianach a-nis.  (HAH ee GREE-uh-nach uh-NISH.)  It is sunny now.
  • Tha i grianach sa mhadainn. (HAH ee GREE-uh-nach suh VAH-din.)  It is sunny in the morning.  OR, as we would say, It is sunny this morning.

Try using these phrases with fuar and gaothach.

Try using them with some new words:

  • theth (CHAY) hot  (actually, I think this is a review word, but it’s been awhile.)
  • sgòthach (SKOH-ach) cloudy
  • fionnar (FEE-u-nar) cool

Get a head jump on tomorrow’s lesson, and tell us what weather you prefer, using the previous two or three lessons.


A ‘close’ in Edinburgh.  Imagine the streets laid out like a ladder: two main roads, with very small roads, like rungs, running between them.  If you could walk down this close, you’d see doors to apartments inside this ‘tunnel.’ 

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  1. August 13, 2012 4:51 pm

    ahhh I have always wondered what a ‘close’ looked like. Tapadh leat!

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