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Past Hopes

August 29, 2012

To express that you hope X was or was not, past tense, use gun robh and nach robh.

  • Tha mi an dòchas gun robh… (HA mee un DAWK-us gun roe….)  I hope that (X) was…
  • Tha e an dòchas nach robh… (HA eh un DAWK-us nach roe….)  He hopes that  (X) was not….
  • Tha i an dòchas gun robh…  (HA ee un DAWK-us gun roe….) She hopes that (X) was….
  • Tha iad an dòchas nach robh…  (HA EE-ud un DAWK-us nach roe….)  They hope that  (X) was not….
  • Tha sinn an dòchas gun robh…  (HA sheen un DAWK-us gun roe….)  We hope that  (X) was….
  • Tha Anna an dòchas nach robh…  (HA AHN-uh un DAWK-us nach roe….) Anna hopes that (X) was not….

As noted before, not only do accents vary among native speakers anyway, but it is very difficult to show exact sounds in writing.  Gun is not pronounced like our English word gun, nor is it pronounced goon, but somewhere in between.

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