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The Four Seasons

September 1, 2012

Step right up, Vivaldi!  Let’s talk about the seasons!

  • na ràithean  (nah RAH-yen) the seasons
  • an t-earrach  (ahn TSHARR-uch) the spring
  • an samhradh  (ahn sahv-rahgh) the summer
  • am forghar  (ahm FAH-er)  the fall
  • an geamhradh  (ahn gev-rahgh) the winter

Tomorrow, we’ll combine these with some of our weather words, and soon you’ll be set for the Minnesota State Pasttime of…talking about the weather!  But first, make sure you know the seasons so you don’t say there’s snow anns an t-earrach!

For a change of pace, here’s a farewell to am samhradh.  Tha mi an dochas…that you like it!

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