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Fat or Thin, Clean or Dirty?

June 7, 2016
  • caol (kewl) slim
  • reamhar (row-er–rolled Rs) fat
  • glan (glahn) clean
  • salach (SAL-och) dirty

Now, use them in sentences previously learned:

  • A bheil thu caol?  (uh vale oo kewl) Are you slim?
  • A bheil mi glan? (uh vale mee glahn) Am I clean?
  • Tha i  reamhar. (Ha ee row-er) She is fat.
  • Tha e salach.  (Ha eh SAL-och)  He is dirty.

And using some words from yesterday with previous constructions:

  • Chan eil mi mór (chahn nyell mee mohr) I am not big.
  • Chan eil e óg (chahn nyell eh awk)  He is not young

Try some for yourself in the comments.

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