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Strong and Weak

June 8, 2016
  • láidir (LAH-djer) strong
  • lag (lahk) weak

And in sentences:

  • Tha sinn láidir (ha sheen LAH-djer) We are strong
  • Chan eil iad láidir (chahn nyell EE-ut LAH-djer) They are not strong.
  • A bheil i lag? (Uh VALE ee lahk?)  Is she weak?
  • Nach eil sibh lag? (nach ale sheev  lahk?) Are you not weak? (formal you)


Making the two plus mile crossing of Pilgrim’s Way, the causeway between Lindisfarne (Holy Island) and the mainland.  At low tide, it can be walked across.  At high tide, this is all many feet underwater.  It’s technically part of England, not Scotland, but part of Scottish history.

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