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More Places He Might Be

June 14, 2016

A word on grammar:

San is usually used for in the…  However, when the following word begins with b, m, p, c, or g, san drops the to become sa.

Cait a bheil e?  (cahtch a vale eh)  Where is he?

  • Tha e san fhras  (Ha eh sahn rahs) He is in the (rain) shower.
  • Tha e san eaglais (ha eh sahn ECK-lish) He is in the church.
  • A bheil e san sgoil? (ah VALE eh sahn skohl?) Is he in the school?
  • Nach eil e san taigh? (nach ale eh sahn tie?) Is he not in the house?
  • Chan eil e san leabaidh (chahn nale eh sahn LEP-ee)  He is not in the bed


  • Tha e sa chidsin  (ha eh sah cheed-shin) He is in the kitchen
  • Tha e ag obair sa bhùth (ha eh ahk OH-pair (rolled R) sah voo) He is at work in the shop

A beautiful song sung in Gaelic, with the English translation given in the ‘about’ section for the video:

If you would like to start at the beginning, jump to Lesson One

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