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anything, anyone

June 15, 2016
  • sam bith (sahm bee) any
  • rud (rooot–with a rolled R, and yes I intended 3 Os there!) thing/a thing
  • rud sam bith (rooot sahm bee) anything

The same principle applies to anyone:

  • duine (DUN-yuh) person
  • duine sam bith (DUN-yuh sahm bee) anyone/ any person

Now use these with some of the previous days’ words and phrases, and a new word or two.  This time, I will only give the pronunciation and meaning of the new words.

  • A bheil rud sam bith sa bhogsa? (VOHK-sa) box  Is anything in the box?
  • A bheil rud sam bith sa bhus? (vus) bus
  • A bheil rud sam bith sa bhàta? (VAHT-uh) boat
  • A bheil rud sam bith sa chàr? (char) car

And the same sentences with anyone:

  • A bheil duine sam bith sa bhogsa? Is anyone in the box?  [Let’s hope not–well, if it’s my kids and a big box and it was turned into a box castle with a bunch of other boxes–there might be!]
  • A bheil duine sam bith sa bhus?
  • A bheil duine sam bith sa bhàta?
  • A bheil duine sam bith sa chàr?

Notice today I have used only sa for in the.  A reminder from June 14’s post: San is usually used for in the…  However, when the following word begins with b, m, p, c, or g, san drops the to become sa.

Today instead of music, I’m posting a Scottish-themed poem written by Shadow Hamilton, found at Poetry Soup.

Massil with Carn Mor Dearg
you rear up in massive bulk
Devonia volcano with collapsed dome
proud you stand against darkening skies

Many to your summit climb
wary of your cloud chambers
us mortals tremble at your storms
forked lightening flashing deadly bolts

Venomous mountain your Gaelic name
at your summit a series of ring dikes
your slope longest and steepest in this Isle
wide open your vast plateau, nay shelter here

Dropping to Glen Bennis Nibheis as you descend
be sure to visit the Glen's distillery for a dram
savour Usige Beatha" a taste of heaven for sure
Look up and wonder at the beauty of Beinn Nibheis

originally written 03/09/2013

As most of you will know Beinn Nibheis is Ben Nevis which in Gaelic meaning venomous
or malicious mountain, in a 5 year period responsible for 13 deaths. Usige Beatha means
water of life in Gaelic Massil means twinned with
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