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Eat it, just eat it!

June 16, 2016
  • bracaist (BRAH-kisht) breakfast
  • biadh (BEE-ugh*) meal
  • lòn (lohn) lunch
  • dinneir (JEEN-air**) dinner
  • tì (tee) tea, as in tea time
  • suipeir (SEEP-air**) supper

*As always, pronunciation varies a bit according to accent and is hard to convey in writing.  But the gh sound in biadh is very soft.  You almost glide by it.

**See disclaimer above.  The air at the end of dinneir and suipeir has a bit of a rolled R at the end, and a short a sound.  It could almost be conveyed as JEEN-ad.

Put aig a in front of each of these to say at her:

  • aig a bracaist  at her breakfast

Add Tha i to say she is:

  • Tha i aig a suipeir.  She is at her supper.

A little off topic, but I found the poem Pangur Bán, The Scholar and his Cat, from 612 A.D., read in Old Irish.  It is of interest since Irish and Scottish Gaelic share the same roots.

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