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On Other Things….

June 21, 2016

Of course, the food might be on other things, such as a box:

  • Tha an t-aran air a’ bhogsa. (VAWK-suh)
  • A bheil an t-ìm air a’ bhogsa?
  • Chan eil an t-uisge air a’ bhogsa.
  • Nach eil am bainne air a’ bhogsa?
  • Tha an tì air a’ bhogsa.
  • Chan eil an siùcar air a’ bhogsa.

And with all that food–

  • Seall!  Tha an luch air a’ bhogsa a-nis!  (SHAY-awl!  Ha ahn loooch ad* ah VAWK-suh uh-NISH!)  Look!  A mouse is on the box now!

Let’s put the food back where it belongs, on a plate:

  • Tha an t-aran air an truinnsear(TREE-in-shad)*
  • A bheil an t-ìm air an truinnsear?
  • Chan eil an t-uisge air an truinnsear.
  • Nach eil am bainne air an truinnsear?
  • Tha an tì air an truinnsear.
  • Chan eil an siùcar air an truinnsear.
  • Chain eil an luch air an truinnsear a-nis!

*Note again the use of d to attempt to represent the actual sound of the rolled r.


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