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On the….Go

June 22, 2016

More on the‘s today, but these things don’t fit on a bord.  I’ll be giving pronunciation and meaning only for the new words today.

  • air a’ phlèan  (flane) plane
  • air a’ bhus (vus) bus
  • air an làraidh (LOD-ee) lorry/truck (of the delivery variety)
  • air an t-sràid (ad ahn drodge) on the street
  • air an trèan (trayn) train
  • air on rathad (RAH-ahd) road

As I must take mo cù mòr dubh (my big black dog) a’ coisich (walking) air an t-sràid  (on the street) to the vet…this is all I have time for today.

If you like to start at the beginning, jump to Lesson One.

On my other blog World of the Blue Bells Trilogy today is Eating Medieval: Cookies of Joy, a 12th century cookie recipe from a medieval saint!


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