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Eat, Drink, and Be Mairi

June 24, 2016
  • ag ithe (ah GEEK-uh)
  • ag òl (ah goal) drink
  • bha (vah) was

In sentences, using words from many lessons ago:

  • Bha Mairi ag ithe.   Mairi was eating.
  • Bha Mairi ag òl tì cuideachd. Mairi was also drinking tea.
  • Bha iad ag ithe siùcar.  They were eating sugar.
  • Bha an tidsear ag ithe ubhal.  The teacher was eating (an) apple.
  • Tha am balach ag ithe aran donn.  The boy was eating brown bread.

If you’ve forgotten pronunciation, find reminders at I Eat….

Listening for Today: Ordering Drinks from Speak Our Language seems appropriate!

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