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Dancing in the Streets!

June 27, 2016

Some more verbs and some review words:

  • a’ dannsa (uh DOWN-suh) dancing
  • a’ tighinn (uh CHEE-in) coming
  • a’ bruidhinn (uh BREE-in) talking
  • ag èisteachd (ah GAYSH-tahgd) listening

Put them in sentences with air a’/ air an  (on the) phrases:

  • Tha i a’ dannsa air an t-sràid.
  • Tha iad a’ dannsa air an trèan.
  • Nach eil e a’ dannsa air an làraidh.
  • Chan eil Mairi a’ dannsa air a’ phlèan.
  • Tha sinn a’ dannsa air a’ bhòrd.

Leave your own sentences in the comments using some of the other words above, and phrases from previous lessons.


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