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What Must We Do?

June 28, 2016
  • feumaidh (FAY-me) must

So many things that must be done!

  • Feumaidh tu ithe a-nis  (FAY-me too EEK-uh uh-NISH.) You must eat now.
  • Feumaidh mi  òl a-nis. (FAY-me mee ewl uh-NISH) I must drink now.  (What can I say, it’s been a long day!)
  • Feumaidh iad a leughadh a-nis. (FAY-me EE-ut uh LEEg-uh uh-NISH)  They must riead it now.
  • Feumaidh sinn a sgrìobhadh a-nis.  (FAY-me sheen uh SKREEV-ugh uh-NISH) We must write it now.
  • Feumaidh mi a dhol dhan stèisean.  (FAY-me mee uh ghohl ghahn STAY-shun.) I must to to the station.

For a review of pronouns, see Busy Days for All.

To start at the beginning, jump to Lesson One.

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