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But WHO is Dancing in the Streets?

June 29, 2016
  • Cò tha a’ dannsa? (KOH ha a DOWN-sah) Who is dancing?
  • Cò tha a’ dannsa san trèana?  Who is dancing in the train? (Anyone besides me feel a Dr. Seuss book coming on???  Who is dancing in the rain?)
  • Cò tha a’ dannsa san stèisean?  Who is dancing in the station?
  • Cò tha a’ dannsa san oifis? Who is dancing in the office?
  • Cò tha a’ dannsa air an t-sràid? Who is dancing on the street?
  • Cò tha a’ dannsa air on rathad? Who is dancing on the road?

A couple of other verbs with Who is….

  • Cò tha a’ tighinn?  (KOH ha ah CHEE-in?)  Who is coming?
  • Cò tha a’ bruidhinn?  (KOH ha ah BREE-in?)  Who is talking?
  • Cò tha ag èisteachd?  (KOH ha ah GAYSH-tahk?)  Who is listening? (Ah, the profound questions!  Who is really listening!?)
  • Cò tha ag obair?  (KOH ha ah KOH-pair…rolled R)  Who is working?
  • Cò tha ag ionnsachadh?  (KOH ha ah KEEN-shawk-ugh)  Who is learning?


For the beautiful Shule Aroon played on alto flute, go to The World of the Blue Bells Trilogy.

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