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Busy Questioning the Past!

July 1, 2016

We’ve learned statements, negations, and questions in present tense: she is, is she, she is not, and isn’t she?

  • Tha Mairi trang.  (Ha MAHR-ee trahng.) Mairi is busy.
  • A beil Calum ag obair?  (ah VALE COL-um ah-KOH-pair?) Is Calum working?
  • Chan eil mi a’ dannsa air a’ bhòrd! (chah YELL mee ah-DOWN-su ad a VOR-tsch) I am not dancing on the table!
  • Nach eil e ag èisteachd?  (nahch ALE eh ah GAYSH-tahgd.)  Isn’t he listening?

The equivalents in past tense are:

  • Bha…  (vah) was/were
  • An robh….?  (ahn roe…?)  was/were….?
  • Cha robh…  (chah roe) was not
  • Nach robh….?  (nach roe….?)  Was/were…..not?


  • Bha Mairi trang. Mairi was busy.
  • An robh Calum ag obair?  Was Calum working?
  • Cha robh mi a’ dannsa air a’ bhòrd!  I was not dancing on the table!
  • Nach robh e ag èisteachd?  Was he not listening?

Today: Runrig sings in Gaelic, with English translations given:


(And in a very obvious tie-in, my post at my other blog is about eating…in the past.  See what I did there!  Including recipes for hardtack and fruit tarts.)

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