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Living in the Past

July 5, 2016

We’ve seen that speaking in the past is a simple matter, in Gaelic, of using bha instead of tha.  So here are some more verbs, used with bha.

  • Bha e a’ falbh an dè.  (Vah eh ah FAHL-ahv ahn-JAY)  He was going away yesterday.
  • Bha i a’ feitheamh an-uiridh.  (Vah ee ah FAY-ehv ahn-OOR-ee).  She was waiting last year.
  • Bha sinn a’ cluich seachdainn sa chaidh.  (Vah sheen ah CLOO-eech SHECH-den sah chie) We were playing last week.

For some music sung in Gaelic today:

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