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July 8, 2016

Studying another language really makes us think more deeply about words, meanings, and the ideas behind them.  Here are a number of words that we might translate to peace in English, yet they all mean slightly different things.

  • sith (shee) peace: the end of war and disorder, cessation of hostilities
  • fois  (fosh) rest, respite
  • tàmh (tavf) rest, respite
  • fois-fòirneart (fosh FOR-nyarsht) respite from violence
  • siochaint (SHEE-chahnt) stillness, quite  [not a common word]
  • sàmhchair (SAHV-char) a peaceful evening
  • sìth an t-saoghail (shee AHN-t SHOO-ul) peace in the world
  • réidh ri Dia (RAY-eh ree JEE-ah) at peace (harmony) with God


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