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In the, in A

July 12, 2016

In the vs in a:

Reminder for in the:

  • san before most words
  • sa before b, m, p, c, and g
  • san t- before sl, sn, sr, sa, se, si, so, and su

In a uses the form ann an or ann am:

  • san trèana/ ann an trèan…in the train, in a train
  • sa bhus/ ann am bus…in the bus, in a bus
  • sa bhàta/ ann am bàta…in the boat, in a boat
  • sa chàr/ ann an càr…in the car, in a car

One new word: soitheach

  • ann an soitheach (own [rhymes with clown] ahn SAY-ich) in a ship/vessel

For review of previous lessons using ann an/ann am, see these lessons:

Ann an/ann am

More ann an

Ann an with new nouns and verbs

Last ann an (clearly it wasn’t!)

No listening today because Tha mi a’ glanadh taigh an-diugh.  I am cleaning house today.

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