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Animal House!

July 18, 2016

We’re running with the dogs now!  It’s the cat’s meow and the bees’ knees both!

A bit of review of words I covered long ago, and a few new ones:

  • an cat (ahn caht) NO!  I’m not even going to say it!  It’s too obvious!
  • an cù (ahn coo)  Then again, this one looks obvious, too.  It’s THE DOG
  • a’ bhò (uh VOE) And the one that doesn’t look like COW…is.  This is THE COW.
  • an t-each  (ahn TCHECH) the horse
  • an t-asal (ahn TAH-sul) the donkey
  • a’ chaora (uh-choora) Oo is a very ‘narrow’ oo, a cross between oo and ee.  THE SHEEP

With some sentences.  Use each sentence with the other words, too.

  • Nach robh an cat ann? Wasn’t the cat there?
  • Nach robh a’ chaora sin ag ithe?  (nach roe uh choora shin ah-GEEK-uh?) Wasn’t that sheep eating?
  • Càit an robh an t-each ag obair an-dè?  (CAHTCH ahn roe ahn TCHECH ah-KOP-ad ahn-JAY?)  Where was the horse working yesterday?

Change words in these sentences, using previously learned words:

  • Where was the horse working last week?
  • Where was the dog eating last week?
  • Where was the sheep working last year?
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