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The Animal Party Continues

July 26, 2016

I confess–life has once again become even busier than usual.  I can hardly bear it!  That, of course, is very different from the member of the ursidae family:

  • mathan (MAH-hahn) bear  As in the kind you don’t want to meet in the woods.  At least…I don’t.  I know this, because I once did.  Actually it was in my neighborhood, but there were lots of trees around.
  • balgair (BAHL-u-gad–accounting for the rolled R at the end) fox
  • seannach/sionnach (SHOO-i-nach) fox
  • coinean/ coineanach (CAWN-yin/ CAWN-yin-ach) rabbit
  • gobhar (GOH-ud) goat

Using the words in sentences:

  • Tha mi a’ faicinn gobhar agus balgair.
  • tha adharcan air a’ ghobhair (ha AH-ad-kin ad ah ghoh-ad) there are horns on the goat or, as we would say…the goat ha horns

And some review from a long ago lesson using animals:

  • Tha cat agam.  (Ha caht AHK-um)  I have a cat.
  • Tha tunnag agam.    I have a duck.
  • Tha cù agam.   I have a dog.
  • Tha bò agam.  I have a cow.
  • Tha eun agam.  I have a bird

There is a giveaway still going at my other site for a mug featuring scenes of Scotland, including a Highland bò.

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