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Birds of Prey

July 27, 2016

Continuing the animal theme, here are some birds:

  • cailleach-oidhche f. (CAL-yuch OI-ch-uh) owl

A side note about this word.  Cailleach is old woman, and oidhche is night.  So cailleach-oidhche is old woman of the night

  • calman m. (CAHL-u-mahn) dove, pigeon
  • cabhar m. (CAH-vahd accounting for rolled R)  hawk
  • seabhag f. (SHEH-vahk) falcon
  • iolaire f. (JUHL-ad-uh) eagle

Sentences pertaining to animals:

  • ‘s e cailleach-oidhche a tha ann an Calum Calum is a night owl
  • seall an e iolaire a tha ann look and see if it’s an eagle
  • tha seabhag aige d’ an ainm Annag He has a falcon called Annie

A bit about falconry in Scotland can be found here.

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