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Kingdom Under the Sea

July 28, 2016

Going from the air to the sea, but first, kingdom and sea:

  • rìoghachd f. (ree-AWK) kingdom
  • fo (faw) under
  • am muir (ahm mooohd–again, accounting for the rolled R and attempting to capture in letters a vowel sound we don’t quite have in English–a rounder, smaller ‘pursing’ of the lips would make that sound)

So what might we find under the sea?  Other than singing lobsters and crabs and mermaids?

  • crùban m (KROO-pen) crab [There are multiple words for crab–I took the top of the list]
  • gliomach m (GLEE-uh-mach) lobster
  • maighdeann-mhara f. (MAY-chen VAHR-uh) mermaid

A note on maighdeann-mhara: I find this word fascinating because the pronunciation is almost identical to the German Mädchen, girl,  Mhara is the lenited form of sea.  So we have a girl of the sea, but apparently not a Scottish Gaelic girl of the sea, as the Gaelic for girl is nighean and the Gaelic for maid is ribhinn.

One can only conclude that all the mermaids of Scotland are actually German!

But as long as none of those are singing, anyway, let’s look at some more mundane sea creatures.

  • muc-mhara f.  (mooch VAHR-uh)  whale
  • ròn f. (rawn) seal
  • deilf f. (JELF) dolphin [Once again, there are multiple words for dolphin.  I’ve chosen only one.]
  • siorc m. (SHEE-erk–a very rough estimate of pronunciation) shark


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