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Can’t Keep ‘Em Down on the Farm

August 4, 2016

Reminder: the GIVEAWAY is still going at my other blog.  Today’s post features the Scottish Skye Boat Song, played in the chapter house of medieval Dryburgh Abbey, along with the history of the abbey as it relates to Robert the Bruce.

And onto Gaelic.  I’ve covered animals under the sea, in the air, and reptiles.  Today, let’s do farmyard animals, some of which I’ve mentioned  before, but here are a few.

  • f. (boh) cow
  • tarbh m. (TAH-duv–accounting for the rolled R) bull
  • each m. (ech) horse
  • giusaidh f. (GYOO-see) sow
  • cuileag f. (KOO-lach) fly
  • cearc f. (CYAIRC) chicken, hen
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