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August 9, 2016

Now I have the Chiquita Banana song in my head!

meas (MACE) fruit:

  • banana m. (bah-NAH-nah) banana
  • ubhal m. (OO-uhl) apple
  • fìon-dhearc f. (FEE-in YAR-c–with a rolled R) grapes
  • oraindsear m. (OH-an-jeer) orange
  • rospaig f. (ROH-spag) raspberry
  • suibheag f. (SOO-yahk) strawberry

Some new sentences:

  • tog ùbhlan (TOKE OO-lin) gather apples (off the ground)
  • buain ùbhlan (BOO-ayn OO-lin) pick apples (off the tree)
  • tog ùbhlan far craoibhe (TOKE OO-lin fahd CRAY-vuh) pick apples from a tree

And a few sentences using previously learned words:

  • Tha thu a’ faicinn fion-dherc.  You see grapes.
  • Tha e ag ithe oraindsear.  He is eating an orange.
  • ‘S toigh leum suibheag.  I like a strawberry.

[GIVEAWAY still going for a mug featuring scenes from Scotland.  And a post on Castle Urqhart on the shore of LochNess.]

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