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Rollin’ in the Dough!

August 10, 2016

At least one of these is review, but I have also begun to add gender to all the nouns.

  • aran m. (AHD-ahn-accounting for the rolled R) bread
  • cruithneachd f. (KREWW-nach–eww as in, I saw a dead rat, eww!) wheat
  • pastraidh m. (PAY-stree) pastry
  • taois f. (TEWWsh) dough
  • bèicear m. (BAY-kair) baker

A sentence or two:

  • Bha am fear ag ithe aran. The man was eating bread.
  • Bha e cho bochd nach b’ urrainn dha aran a cheannach.  He was so poor he couldn’t buy bread.

And a recipe for Scottish Morning Rolls:

The giveaway is still going for a couple more days.  Leave a comment here to be entered.  The gift is a mug featuring scenes of Scotland.  A Highland cow and Robert the Bruce with your morning tea!


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