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August 12, 2016

mìlsean m. (MEEL-shin) sweets, dessert

  • briosgaid f. (BRIS-getch) cookie, biscuit
  • cèic f. (CAYYk-sort of a drawn out long A) cake
  • milseag f. (MEEL-shack) pudding
  • reòiteag f. (ROE-chack) ice cream
  • seòclaid f. (SHAW-klet) chocolate

In sentences:

  • ‘s docha leam.... (STAWK-uh loom…)  I prefer…
  • ‘S docha leam briosgaid.  I prefer a cookie.
  • An gabhadh tusa cèic no milseag? (Ahn GAH-ugh TOO-suh CAYYk noe MEEL-shack) Would you prefer cake or pudding?
  • Dè ‘s fheàrr leat reòiteag no seòclaid?  (JAY SHAR let ROE-chak noe SHAW-klet?)  Do you prefer ice cream or chocolate?

The giveaway closes Monday.  Leave a comment on my GIVEAWAY post to be entered for a mug featuring scenes of Scotland.

And here’s a recipe for a medieval brie tart, now that we’re in the mood for mìlsean!


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