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Was he not…?

August 16, 2016
  • Nach robh e….  (Nahch roe eh…)  Was he not…
  • ann (OWN–rhymes with clown) there

With animals learned:

  • Nach robh an cat ann? Wasn’t the cat there?
  • Nach robh an cù ann? Wasn’t the dog there?
  • Nach robh a’ bhò ann? Wasn’t the cow there?
  • Nach robh an t-each ann? Wasn’t the horse there?
  • Nach robh an t-asal ann?  Wasn’t the donkey there?
  • Nach robh a’ chaora ann? Wasn’t the sheep there?

A few review sentences:

  • Càit a bheil … (CAHTCH ah VALE) Where is…?
  • Càit a bheil an cat?
  • Càit a bheil an cù?
  • Càit a bheil a’ bhò?
  • Càit a bheil t-each?

Notice the word for the changes.  At some point,  had a good chart showing when to use the various forms of the.  When I find it again, I’ll post it.

I found this resource today: Memrise Courses in Scottish Gaelic

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