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THE…most difficult word in Gaelic!

August 17, 2016

Too many late nights and early mornings lately!  I crashed and didn’t get up until late today.

Luckily, I went on a hunt yesterday for a clear chart on THE.  The observant reader may have noticed I talk a lot (at least in Gaelic) about A cat, AN apple, A house, but not so often THE….

That’s because it’s complicated.  (There’s even a facebook status for it!)

The for of THE changes–an, am, a’ , an t-, nan, nam, na h- —I think I got all of them!  I confess, I’m typing in the sun in my car while my kids are in the store looking for almond bark to make almond bark pretzels and can barely see the screen!

Someone at the Gaelic forum helpfully directed me to this great chart, while I had been busy trying to re-invent THE wheel.

Here’s a direct link. Write Your Own Grammarly.

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