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THE Rules…more singular feminines

August 19, 2016

How’s that for an eye-catching title designed to catch the attention and provoke curiosity!  Next, they’ll be making GRAMMAR…THE MOVIE!  (The linguists among us can only hope!)  On to examples from the third and fourth rules regarding singular feminine nouns.

A review from yesterday, because these kind of rules need to be read and used over and over and over till they become natural:

Focusing on just one section of yesterday’s chart:

  1. an most of the time
  2. a’  /lenite for  b, c, g, m, p
  3. am /lenite for f
  4. an t- for sl, sn, sr, or s + vowel

When do we follow these rules?

  • ONLY for singulars
  • Masculine dative and genitive
  • Feminine nominative and dative

[REMINDER: I am myself a learner.  Lenition can also cause changes in vowels, too, and I may have missed a vowel change in some of these words.]


  • am fhàinne (ahm AHN-yeh) the ring
  • am fhèill (AHM AY-il) the sale, the fair
  • am fhidheall (AHM EE-yell) the violin

Leniting an makes the silent

As long as we’re talking about am fhidheall, here’s some ceòl (music) from the Orkneys.

And as long as we’re now talking about Orkney (we are, aren’t we?) a bit about Orkney and it’s part in Scottish history is here.

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  1. Catherine permalink
    August 24, 2016 4:34 am

    Thank you for the history bonus.

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