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THE…man in the moon?

August 23, 2016

First, a reminder of THE rules from the Write Your Own Grammarly chart:

  1. an most of the time
  2. a’  /lenite for  b, c, g, m, p
  3. am /lenite for f
  4. an t- for sl, sn, sr, or s + vowel

These rules apply:

  • ONLY for singulars
  • Masculine dative and genitive
  • Feminine nominative and dative

Here are some sentences with feminine nouns in dative or nominative:

  • tha dubhar air a’ ghealaich (HAH DOO-ud ad a YAHL-ich)  The shade is on the moon or, as we would say,  the moon is eclipsed
    • This is dative due to moon following the preposition air
  • tha a’ ghealach a’ cur uaipe (HAH a YAHL-ahch coor OO-ah-peh) the moon is rising
  • tha an sgian gu feum (HAH ahn skin goo fame) the knife is useful
  • dùisg an talamh (DOOSHk ahn TAHL-ahv) dig up the earth/ground

At my other blog this week, Robert the Bruce’s brothers and sisters.

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